Multi-Ply Components Ltd, a privately owned company, is one of the world’s leading specialists in the design and manufacture of carbon fibre composite components for the medical X-Ray equipment industry. It offers over 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of composite components and its product portfolio includes full body scanner tables, mammography covers, digital detector covers and dental headrests.

Multi-Ply works very closely with its customers, offering technical advice and assistance to ensure that all components meet customers’ stringent specification and technical requirements. This advice includes choice of materials, assistance in component design and the selection of the most suitable manufacturing processes to help customers achieve the most efficient and cost-effective product development solutions.

Typically, by using advanced tooling and moulding techniques, Multi-Ply has developed and introduced new designs to enhance patient comfort. These complex mouldings provide a fully sealed part with no joints that can harbour body fluids that are difficult to remove during routine cleansing. Multi-Ply also minimises the use of non carbon fibre composite materials in their production to reduce the risk of cross contamination into the medical product components.

Additional Services
Repair and refurbishing service for damaged X-Ray composite components.

Multi-Ply also has the capability to manufacture other non-medical components. Multi-Ply currently produce carbon fibre composite components with a very high quality surface finish for the motor vehicle and motor cycle industries, as well as fluid calibration measuring vessels for the petro-chemical industry.

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